4 Videos that Build Brand Trust

Video Production that Counts

Did you ever play that blind-folded maze game? You know, that one where you put somebody’s neck tie around your eyes, while a ‘trusted’ co-worker tells you to ‘follow their voice? How about the dreaded trust-fall- also known as gravity?

My guess is you’ve been apart of these team builders at some point. Maybe you were at a company retreat, a counseling session, or if you were like me, maybe your older brother wanted to see you walk into a tree branch. Whatever your experience was was, not being able to see is what makes these exercises so hard. If you can’t see, you can’t relate to what’s happening, and frustration surmounts.

So what do awkward trust exercises have to do with your video marketing strategy? Everything. It’s the difference to becoming a trusted and relatable brand for customers, or leading them to tree induced nosebleeds.

So here  are the 4 Videos That Build Brand Trust for Customers  (nose-bleed free)


  1. Who Knows What They’re Doing? Who Does it Better? You Do.

Think about all that you do as a business. We have a tendency to define ourselves by one singular title. Stop that.

If you ask a New York City firefighter what they do, do you think that firefighter would say: “I run into burning buildings, I resuscitate  people, and I save the occasional cat form tree”? Hardly ever, right?

Instead of one word answers wouldn’t it be better if we could see everything that a firefighter does, like a highlight reel or a movie trailer?

That’s what you need to be doing to create brand trust. Stop defining yourself by your job title, and start showing your customers what you do.

Check out this V3 Media example from Frontier Metal Stamping:

That video doesn’t just show them assembling parts, because  that’s not all they do! They take on complicated tasks, they use new technology to innovate, that are meticulous

Your business does more than just one thing. So show that off.

2. Customer Testimonials

Here’s the truth, sometimes customer testimonials can be boring. Why watch a 3 minute video of someone talking about why they love some service or company when you can just check out the Google Reviews.

But testimonials can establish your business as the one that matters and deserves trust.

Ever hear of Project Smile? It’s a Fort Collins nonprofit that provides vision and dental care to underprivileged students in Fort Collins.


How Project Smile utilized it’s testimonials is key. They gave you background, showed the progress and impact, and it was broken up with heartwarming shots of the community that was helped!

Add flare and a narrative to your customer testimonials to help them have more audience appeal.

3. Employee Intros and Bios

Iatrophobia: fear of doctors.

Whether it’s the dentist, the ER, pediatricians, or obstetricians, most people have some fear of doctors.

I know I do. I still get the occasional  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde childhood flashback from from The Pagemaster. Six year old me barely recovered.

I still feel that suspicion, leading me through hours of googling to find the friendliest and most relatable doctors. It always comes down to two things: do they have an online biography and is there a photo (no Mr. Hyde’s and I’m fine).

But considering I’m probably not the only one who does this, one group of doctors at Banner Health went above and beyond this standard.

Here below are videos of actual Banner Health doctors of all specialties talking about their practice and hospital.

Banner Health | Dr. Michael Kim​

Banner Health | Dr. Lyndsay Deeter

From these videos not only do I know these doctors faces (inner six year old sits back down), but they are more relatable and trustworthy once you see them.

How reads anymore?? Ditch that bio and add a friendly, welcoming video for all audiences.

4. Tutorials

Did you know that the acronym ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) is one of the most Googled terms on the web. Next up in that category is tutorial, and DIY usually includes that anyway. If you have product or a service, you need to be using video to show your customers you care that get their bang for their buck.

When you think of video tutorials, you might be thinking entire Youtube channels dedicated to hair and makeup videos, and while that is a huge beauty and cosmetic industry changing concept, there is no reason a tutorial should be limited to just that.

Look at tutorials as being a funner fun of whitepapers. Think about one of the most  popular and shareable tutorials out there: Tasty by Buzzfeed.

Tasty videos give cooking and beverage making instructions in fun, sequenced styled videos that someone can watch in a minute or less. And what does Buzzfeed get? New content consumers, potential new ad dollars, and potential buyers of the ‘Tasty Cookbook’.

Imagine Tasty videos, as bulleted lists… See ya.

To stand out and to over deliver to customers you need to be making tutorial videos.

Take a look at V3 Media’s videos for 360 Vodka.

360 Vodka has created over 60+ drink tutorials for every occasion,. They appreciate their customers so they go above and beyond what you would expect from a vodka brand.

Tutorials are the thank yous and shout outs to your customers for picking you over all others, and tutorials help remind them why they chose you in the first place.

Video has a significant audience impact. Imagine scrolling through your social feeds and seeing NO videos… Facebook would have shut down by now. Join the ‘revolution’ and entice your audience with one (or all) of these brand-building videos.