5 Video Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked…

Your marketing strategy can be everything but typical

Some video marketing campaigns don’t pay off. Some are so bad the companies who put them out erase all traces of their existence. Some are mediocre or reflect the same patterns (link back to generic video blog).

But some are truly standouts, both in quality and content. Here are 5 Videos that show how well Video Marketing actually works. They show how you can start thinking about your own video marketing strategy.



  1. Always: Like A Girl


This video crushed it and people within the advertising and marketing industry noticed. Check out this case study on this video and it’s campaign here from D&AD.

Aside from going viral and increasing brand equity, test audiences; specifically men, had changed their view on the phrase ‘like a girl’. They no longer viewed it as an insult.

For starters, this video breaks with tradition not just with it’s message, but with how it’s delivered. For most commercial video, the viewer sees things in a third person narrative but here, Always takes you in the actual studio where the filming is actually happening. And it works.

It breaks a huge video norm in the best way possible. By showing the video subjects being questioned about their views on being ‘like a girl’ and then reevaluating their view- the viewer actually feels that regret.

What Always teaches us about video marketing is that taking risks can really pay off if your message is powerful enough.


  1. Dove: Real Beauty

Much like the Always campaign, Dove looks to drive their brand with messaging about women’s self-confidence and beauty recognition. t’s original in it’s own right, showing the emotion and reliability that many women face.

It is classic audience recognition, as Dove’s largest consumer base is women. Gender-centric marketing is no new concept, but marketing to women for their self-acceptance rather than someone else’s is an original concept.

The video became the most viral and shareable marketed video of 2013.

Dove demonstrates how the most basic rule of marketing can become your biggest marketing strength: know your audience.


3.GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Most Go-Pro video campaigns are more about outdoor action lifestyle and less about day-to-day life. They’re also big-budget commercials and pro-athletes, but this video was one of the lowest budgeted shoots of any major brand, because obviously it was real life.


One of the most horrific spoilers ahead

….that cat died a day later.

I know, I know, that somewhat takes the magic out of it a little bit (a lot a bit probably). But when you try to remember why you liked this video when you first saw it, it wasn’t just because there was a cat in it.

The video is powerful because a firefighter felt compelled to save this cat and showed an everyday use of the actual impact of a GoPro camera.

Would this count as a customer testimonial or product demonstration in video marketing? No chance. But by marketing a video from a real customer doing something extraordinary that didn’t involve surfboards or parachutes, gave GoPro a new and unique approach to their product.


  1. Android Friends Forever

Think back to up top when we were talking about Dove knowing their audience, well Android knows that too, the exception is their audience is a lot more broad: people who like animals -o pretty much everybody, except for all the liars who pretend that this video did nothing for them.

Two stats to keep in mind: over 75 percent of Americans have smartphones, and animal videos are awesome.

Android takes the trend on popular animal videos and applies it in a way that literally has nothing to do with smartphones. But you still loved it didn’t you? They took something you already love to see and tied it to their brand. And that Ad became the most shared ad of 2015, for the same reasons you watched it in the first place.

This doesn’t mean your marketing campaign needs cute animals in it, but it does show the power of using digital video trends how you can make them work for your video marketing campaigns.

  1. Purina Puppyhood

Now at this point, if you have seen a pattern here as to why these videos were so successful, you are well on your way to creating some seriously great video content.

Buzzfeed and Purina both teamed up in knowing their targeted audience and understanding trends, thus “Puppyhood” was born.  This video appeals to a young millennial audience who generally concern themselves with sustainability and social needs, including pet adoption – which fulfills Purina’s market of dog owners.

But beyond the surface level partnership of these two companies coming together, what makes this campaign unique on a logistic levels is how each brand benefits.

Purina needs to break into the demographic of the next generation of pet-owners, and Buzzfeed has that audience. Buzzfeed’s financial success comes from advertisers on both their videos and web-pages, but Buzzfeed’s traffic and views are 99 percent organic. Both companies benefited greatly from the partnership by gaining more targeted markets and higher viewer ratings.


When it comes to video marketing, their isn’t a one size fits all. After all Android’s Furever Friends and Puppyhood came out in the same year, and both had animals as the lead subject, but that’s where the theme and strategy stops.

Always and Dove are both women’s product lines with message empowerments, but that empowerment strategy looked at two different social issues.

For GoPro, their video broke away with their typical market strategy.

Your marketing strategy can be everything but typical.