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Logan Hale

Creative Director

A graduate of the UCLA School of Film & Television, Logan is a lifelong filmmaker. With 8 years of experience in Event and Experiential Marketing, Logan has a passion for communicating the brand message and essence with artistic quality and creativity. Aside from movies, his favorite form of entertainment is watching his two little girls grow up.

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Ryan Frazee

Video Producer

Visually telling stories has been Ryan’s focus for the past 5 years. Ryan enjoys combining a great story with interesting people to create videos that can tell many different messages and stories. He loves getting to create something new everyday and push his skills further in order to create the best possible videos that he can. As an absolute music lover, lets talk about your favorite album.

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Noelle Hale

Communications Director


A former lawyer turned senior sales executive, Noelle has worked extensively with law firms and law schools to sell and promote legal information and educational products. A graduate of the University of Texas Austin and the Pepperdine University School of Law, Noelle’s focus is on helping the legal community win clients and cases. She also tends to win at Scrabble a lot.

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