We start with the discovery process. We discuss – and discover – what your true goals are for your video campaign. Are you looking for “top of the funnel” awareness or “bottom of the funnel” conversions? We discuss who your audience is and what they would respond to best. We discuss what your budget is. And discuss creative and logistic solutions that meet your needs.


We then start to script and storyboard your project. Using the discovery we gained, we will present a script to you that aims to educate and entertain your target audience. We use scripts to help prepare for the video production process – figuring out any needed actors, locations, props, graphic design and all of the various puzzle pieces needed to produce great video.


During video production – and just prior during pre-production – we work with a variety of creative, experienced, dependable video production professionals that work like a team. We have the experience and network to bring in a variety of special equipment and crew for special projects. And we have the ability to travel worldwide in order to capture stories anywhere.


After video production we jump right into the editing or video post-production process. We usually schedule the editing in advance – so we can deliver a 1st Cut to you within 10 business days – or sooner if the project timeline demands it. We use software that allows our clients to embed their notes right into the video and allows multiple people to make comments in real time. We know you are excited to have your video finished and start being shared with the world!


We deliver your video project with the goal that it will be used in as many places as possible to reach as many new customers as possible. Our team is experienced in how to help your video gain views and results. At any point in the process, we hope to discuss how a smart launch strategy will get you and your team the ROI you expect from your investment in video marketing.