Video Marketing Tips You Can Flex With.

Everywhere you look there’s an over the top statistic on video marketing. Video increases conversion by 80%. 80% of people can recall video content that they’ve seen over the past month 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. 200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined. Considering these facts, the opportunity for a … Read More

Content that Engages

What’s the point of creating content if no one sees it?  Or worse, if you get someone to see it, how do you stop them from skipping past it.  That what the thought leaders at Google attempted breakdown in a recent article titled, “What stops viewers from Skipping ads.”  The Google team solicited feedback from some of the top marketing … Read More

Content on Content on Content

If anyone knows how to get the most out of a little it’s Gary Vaynerchuk.  The self-made, no BS marketing guru has never been short on opinions (or F-bombs), and is a big fan of setting up efficiencies to help marketing budgets go further. We came across a blog article written several years back that is even more relevant now … Read More

7 Ways to waste your marketing budget

As entrepreneurs we know the excitement of running a successful campaign and the pain when you’ve spent money, from a limited budget, that doesn’t come back. It’s critical to allocate funds wisely, because there is money to be made, so long as the budget isn’t wasted. Here are the 7 ways marketing budgets can be wasted: 1: Focusing too much … Read More

Ready for Horizontal Video?

A new social media video company has started to make waves with it’s a unique approach to social video.  Firework allows the user to show 30-sec “reveal” video’s that breakout beyond the typical vertical format. While Snapchat owns the space of vertical video, Firework is trying to own the space of horizontal videos.  This horizontal reveal format lends itself better to short … Read More

Making Luck Part of Your Brand

We recently came across this article from Forbes titled “How To Make Luck A Part Of Your Brand” written by David Gaz Founder/Creative Director At The Bureau Of Small Project. In the article, Gaz references an article from Quartz that discussed how Luck is real and more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than anything else. According to Bloomsberg University philosophy professor … Read More

Cleaning up your Content

More than likely you’ve been blogging for years now. Furthermore, you probably have core content on your website that has been around for quite some time.  Many of our industries are fast paced with some of your best content starting to look stale after only a year or two. How are you supposed to keep up?   The secret is in … Read More

Video Content we Love.

Logan Hale – Interactive Videos I love what I’m seeing in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure videos in entertainment and corporate video. I’ve been waiting for more interactive video to hit the mainstream and it finally has with Netflix’s “Bandersnatch” episode of its popular Black Mirror series. There’s is SO much video content out there that we MUST act differently to capture attention. It … Read More

How to get someone to fall in love…

Rejection can be painful.  You put all your time, effort and energy into making something beautiful, and no one sees it. Or worse yet, someone sees it and they hate it. We’ve written recently about how good content is worthless without views.  But what is worse than that is getting someone to see your content and they’re just “Meh.”  That is rejection, … Read More

We don’t care about your video.

The thing that makes us cringe at V3 Media is wasting time and money.  Or rather, we hate wasting our clients time and money. We recognize that every marketing dollar has to generate a strong ROI.  So, when we get approached to produce a video, we really don’t care about the video. We care more about why you need the … Read More