3 Video Campaigns that Failed… HARD

Are you confused? You’re probably thinking: “Hold on, I thought this was about bad video ads?” You’re right it is. That was not one of them. That was an ad made under similar pretenses as a few of the ones you will find below–the bad ones… the really bad ones. The difference comes down to awareness and empathizing with multiple … Read More

4 Videos that Build Brand Trust

Did you ever play that blind-folded maze game? You know, that one where you put somebody’s neck tie around your eyes, while a ‘trusted’ co-worker tells you to ‘follow their voice? How about the dreaded trust-fall- also known as gravity? My guess is you’ve been apart of these team builders at some point. Maybe you were at a company retreat, … Read More

5 Video Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked…

Some video marketing campaigns don’t pay off. Some are so bad the companies who put them out erase all traces of their existence. Some are mediocre or reflect the same patterns (link back to generic video blog). But some are truly standouts, both in quality and content. Here are 5 Videos that show how well Video Marketing actually works. They … Read More

Stock Video: Is It the Necessary Evil

I haven’t seen such perfectly branded commercial satire since the Steady Feathers:LG Chicken video back in 2013. Dissolve branded themselves via 100 percent of their own original stock footage, while pointing out the ever so tempting allure of the generic brand video. When you think of a brand video, it’s fair to want to convey all that your company does–within … Read More