Beer Ballet – A Can Manufacturing Video

Beer and the right music help give this manufacturing video some unique personality

If there is one thing Colorado is famous for, other than its blue skies, majestic mountain ranges, and world-renowned ski resorts, of course, it’s BEER! More than ten percent of the nation’s craft breweries can be found right here in our lovely state, with 14 of the most notable among them right here in Fort Collins. Lucky us!

Maybe that’s why we really love this video of beer cans being made! It can be tough to give a personality to manufacturing videos, because trying to showcase the impressive but repetitious functions of heavy industrial machinery can result in something that is too monotonous to engage the viewer. This New Zealand brewer had the clever idea to set their beer manufacturing video to a piece of classical music, which creates an impression of all of the various moving parts coming together in what is essentially a ballet. Seen this way, the production of cans is quite a thing of beauty.

It’s a great reminder to our clients that no matter what industry you’re in or which aspect of your business you’re hoping to highlight, there is a way to film it with great visual appeal and present the final product in ways that will engage your audience.

Watching Beer Cans Get Made is Like Seeing a Ballet of Machines at Work  |  Gizmodo