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Logan Hale – Interactive Videos I love what I’m seeing in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure videos in entertainment and corporate video. I’ve been waiting for more interactive video to hit the mainstream and it finally has with Netflix’s “Bandersnatch” episode of its popular Black Mirror series. There’s is SO much video content out there that we MUST act differently to capture attention. It … Read More

3 Video Campaigns that Failed… HARD

Are you confused? You’re probably thinking: “Hold on, I thought this was about bad video ads?” You’re right it is. That was not one of them. That was an ad made under similar pretenses as a few of the ones you will find below–the bad ones… the really bad ones. The difference comes down to awareness and empathizing with multiple … Read More

4 Videos that Build Brand Trust

Did you ever play that blind-folded maze game? You know, that one where you put somebody’s neck tie around your eyes, while a ‘trusted’ co-worker tells you to ‘follow their voice? How about the dreaded trust-fall- also known as gravity? My guess is you’ve been apart of these team builders at some point. Maybe you were at a company retreat, … Read More

5 Video Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked…

Some video marketing campaigns don’t pay off. Some are so bad the companies who put them out erase all traces of their existence. Some are mediocre or reflect the same patterns (link back to generic video blog). But some are truly standouts, both in quality and content. Here are 5 Videos that show how well Video Marketing actually works. They … Read More

Is #FOGO the new #FOMO?

#FOGO… life gives us the opportunity to invent ourselves…again and again Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is three years into their “Get Old” campaign, which is aimed at sharing health-related information while also spreading the message that the more you embrace aging, the more you will enjoy it. They’ve even created their own hashtag, #FOGO (“Fear of Getting Old”) – a clever … Read More

Beer Ballet – A Can Manufacturing Video

Beer and the right music help give this manufacturing video some unique personality If there is one thing Colorado is famous for, other than its blue skies, majestic mountain ranges, and world-renowned ski resorts, of course, it’s BEER! More than ten percent of the nation’s craft breweries can be found right here in our lovely state, with 14 of the … Read More

#LikeAGirl: A brilliant video marketing campaign

A brilliant video marketing campaign that celebrates and empowers girls and women Hello, Noelle Hale here. I’ve commandeered Logan’s blog for the day to write about a brilliant video marketing campaign that has really resonated with me. The Always #LikeAGirl video obviously has struck a chord with many others as well – it was well on its way to over … Read More

Smart Corporate Video: Weight Watchers

A deliciously bold and edgy corporate video Talk about a bold and edgy corporate video! This Weight Watchers commercial titled “All You Can Eat” takes an honest approach at marketing their company, which helps customers manage their weight. In this video advertisement, Weight Watchers acknowledges the many temptations that people face to eat badly with a bit of sarcasm. Not only … Read More

Video to Watch: Audi’s Emmys Promo

Audi – A Perfect Example of Corporate Video Done Completely Right This Emmys promo video from Audi is the perfect example of corporate video done completely right. Even for companies that can’t wrangle the star power of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, there is a lot here to aspire to. It starts with a great concept and an … Read More

Clever Ads – Follow the Frog

Good ads are hard to find. When they do pop up, we embrace them, share them, and take their message to heart. The purpose of advertising is ever-evolving in the 21st century. It exists not only to sell stuff, but also to share a brand’s values and evoke an emotional response from their audience. In recognition of this, TED is … Read More