How to get someone to fall in love…

Rejection can be painful.  You put all your time, effort and energy into making something beautiful, and no one sees it. Or worse yet, someone sees it and they hate it. We’ve written recently about how good content is worthless without views.  But what is worse than that is getting someone to see your content and they’re just “Meh.”  That is rejection, … Read More

We don’t care about your video.

The thing that makes us cringe at V3 Media is wasting time and money.  Or rather, we hate wasting our clients time and money. We recognize that every marketing dollar has to generate a strong ROI.  So, when we get approached to produce a video, we really don’t care about the video. We care more about why you need the … Read More

How to choose a video production company?

Simply put, we care.  Read any of our reviews or talk to any of our former and current clients, and they’ll tell you that we are professional, personable, and that our customer service goes above and beyond.  We have extra services as well that other companies may not provide, like our distribution packages and three-tiered budgets to meet your financial … Read More

How to get views to your corporate video.

More specifically, you should be asking what aren’t your options!  The beautiful thing about video is that almost anything with a screen is video friendly now – mobile to tablet to computers, and all are mediums that your consumers are using.  But for the average business user, it’s important to think about where your target audience is, and what message … Read More

What are the key elements of a corporate video production?

We typically like to roll with a crew of at least four people.  This gives us: The guy or girl with the camera, the Director of Photography (DP for short) The assistant to the guy or girl with the camera, our Camera Assistant – sometimes this person will also run a second camera, to maximize your video value The sound … Read More

How long does it take to produce a corporate video?

While there are many factors that can influence the timeline for a the production of a corporate video, we do have a standard process that allows us the time needed to be thorough in our pre production, shooting and post production.   We do one to two day shoots, unless it’s a special event with live coverage, like a conference.  A … Read More

Top considerations when creating a corporate video.

The famous quote from Alice in Wonderland has never been more appropriate than with deciding to producing a corporate video. The end engagement of the video is critical in determining what should go into the production.   When we engage a new client their are a few excellent key questions that we will ask…those include: Who is the video for? A … Read More

What does it cost to produce a corporate video?

In a recent report by ReelSEO, 37% of marketers acknowledged that they refrained from committing to video because of cost.  Other marketers were reserved about video in the face of technical issues, worries about not producing enough high-quality content, and  lack of access to available assets. We try to educate our clients about the difference between perceived cost and actual … Read More

What does it take to produce a corporate video?

V3 Media Marketing is a full-service video production company, which means that we take the kernel of an idea that you have, and we run with it, from start to finish.  This means that we do scripting, the actual production, and then we guide you in sharing and posting it to maximize audience engagement. This alone sets us apart – … Read More