Clever Ads – Follow the Frog

Good ads are hard to find. When they do pop up, we embrace them, share them, and take their message to heart.

The purpose of advertising is ever-evolving in the 21st century. It exists not only to sell stuff, but also to share a brand’s values and evoke an emotional response from their audience. In recognition of this, TED is seeking to change the trend of online ads being aggressively forced on users, by curating touching, entertaining, and amusing advertisements. One of our favorites from past years is “Follow the Frog” from the Rainforest Alliance and Wander.

Wander is an award-winning creative collective that produces a variety of media including TV and web commercials, short films, and brand integrated content. You can learn more about the Rainforest Alliance and their branded products here.

A more recent addition to the ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ lineup is Adobe’s “Click, Baby, Click!” advertising their Marketing Cloud product.

While humorous, the ad strikes at the heart of all marketer’s insecurities – what if we don’t know what the effects of our marketing are? The somewhat black humor inspires and educates their audience while expanding Adobe’s current product offerings.

The ad was produced by Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners. They’re headquartered in San Francisco.

For more Ads Worth Spreading, you can visit the TED website.