We enjoy seeing strong Colorado industries succeed by using smart, modern tools like video in their sales and marketing strategy. V3 Media helps innovators in such industries as technology, manufacturing, medical, legal, energy and more using intelligent video production and marketing techniques.


Using video production for technology products like mobile apps, enterprise SAAS software and consumer electronics products helps make complicated messages become more clear for your customer audience. By making the message more simple one makes the buying decision more simple and helps lead to greater conversion of sales with video.


The boom in re-shoring and bringing manufacturing back to the United States has been well-documented by video and V3 Media. As a supporter of Colorado manufacturing, V3 Media uses video production and marketing to help show off the exciting action that happens to bring these goods into the hands of their consumer and enterprise customers.


Surveys have shown that using video to help explain complicated medical products helps generate better sales. Using video for medical device products and video for cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and procedures will educate customers so they become more confident in their buying decision.


Video and the legal industry have long had a strong working relationship. V3 Media helps produce legal firm commercials and deposition videos, day in the life videos and other legal process videos. We know that law is a competitive industry in many ways and we enjoy helping clients succeed using smart video marketing tools.


From solar to gas, wind to coal, V3 Media knows how video production can help the wide variety and ever-changing landscape of the energy industry. By defining the message and the audience, video helps energy companies connect with the public. With so many excited advances in solar energy, wind power technology and traditional oil & gas, video helps tell stories that deserve to be told and heard.

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