Integrating Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Integrate Video into Your Marketing Strategy and Build Brand Loyalty

I think at this point it would be difficult to find a person who doesn’t engage with corporate video in some way and understand its importance in the way we make purchasing decisions or develop brand loyalty. Marketing videos are watched and shared by everyone from my mom to my young children (we’ve previously mentioned our girls’ “toy video” obsession, though thankfully it seems to be waning).

My Facebook feed is full of shared videos. At this point, I’m pretty sure that even the people living “off the grid” on the other side of Colorado that I heard about on NPR last month know that they could probably more effectively make their case with a video.

But knowing that you need a video is only one piece of the puzzle. Companies also need to figure out how to integrate video into their overall marketing strategy and use it in dynamic and interesting ways that will attract an audience and lead to excellent ROI. There’s been a lot written about the topic, but we like this piece from Periscope or Meerkat), or using video as the source for other assets (like creating a series where people from the company answer questions, sort of like a Video FAQ).

If you’re not experimenting with video, you’re simply sitting on the sidelines watching the big game unfold.

So have fun with it! When thinking about how you can use video to promote your business, really consider the many different types of video you can produce and the unique ways they can be shared.

3 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy  |  Entrepreneur