#LikeAGirl: A brilliant video marketing campaign

A brilliant video marketing campaign that celebrates and empowers girls and women

Hello, Noelle Hale here. I’ve commandeered Logan’s blog for the day to write about a brilliant video marketing campaign that has really resonated with me.

The Always #LikeAGirl video obviously has struck a chord with many others as well – it was well on its way to over 56 million views it has gotten even before it was featured during this year’s Super Bowl. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom of young girls and I want them to always believe in themselves and not be limited by anyone else’s idea of what their gender allows them to do. Maybe it’s because I remember being a scrappy young girl myself who got a lot of satisfaction out of showing the neighborhood boys a thing or two about soccer when they begrudgingly let me join their backyard pick-up games. But whatever the reason, this video packed a powerful punch.

I was super excited to learn that Always had followed up with another video that takes it a step further. Instead of just highlighting the impact of using “like a girl” in a negative or dismissive way, #LikeAGirl aims to redefine what it means to do a variety of things “like a girl” – meaning with strength, confidence and pride. It may not go as viral as the original, but I can emphatically say that it triggered the same emotional response in me that the first one did.

I love that Always has continued this campaign and I think it’s brilliant marketing to have created a video campaign that celebrates and empowers the girls and women who are their customers without ever once mentioning their product.

Always Unveils ‘Like a Girl’ Sequel Showing Girls Redefining the Phrase for Real  |  Adweek