How to get someone to fall in love…

...with your content

"Get to the point"

Rejection can be painful.  You put all your time, effort and energy into making something beautiful, and no one sees it.

Or worse yet, someone sees it and they hate it.

We’ve written recently about how good content is worthless without views.  But what is worse than that is getting someone to see your content and they’re just “Meh.”  That is rejection, and it is a waste of time and resources.  But we’re here to help. Whether its a video, content on your website, a presentation or even an email, here are our tips on what good content does to get someone to fall in love with it.

 1. The content gets to the point.

Weak and over wordy marketing messages are exhausting.  Example: “In today’s overly competitive business world, companies need our software to help them run their companies with more efficiently.” 

Brilliant marketing messages get to the point.  Example: “Our company cuts your production time in half”

2. Great content takes the customer’s viewpoint.

Weak marketing messages speak from the sellers perspective. Example: “Our awarding winning engineering team designed our product to be both flexible and usable.”

Brilliant marketing messages speak to the user.  Example: “You can learn how to use our product in 10 minutes.”

3. Great content uses familiar language.

Weak marketing messages use obscure industry-specific terms.  Example: “Our proprietary sales enablement system uses an integrated computing framework for maximum customer interactions.”

Brilliant marketing messages use simple, easy to digest words.  Example: “Your sales team will close more deals in less time.”

4. Great content feels informal.

Weak marketing messages sound stiff.  Example: “We believe the strongest form of communication is behavior that’s consistent with our vision for executive leadership.”

Brilliant marketing messages sound like an old friend.  Examples: “No surprises. Ever.”

5. Great content will say something original.

Weak marketing messages are basic and sound as if they could belong to any product or service.  Example: “Our award-winning innovative design decreases costs and increases revenue.”

Brilliant marketing messages are unique.  Example: “You’ll save so much you’ll consider early retirement.”

6. Great content will need no further explanation.

Weak marketing messages are confusing.   Example: “We’re the pocket aces in your multimedia deck.”

Brilliant marketing messages have unmistakable meaning.  Example: “We get way more views for your video.”

7. Great content will force a smile.

Weak marketing messages are all too serious.  Example: “Our system achieves the highest possible industry standards.”

Brilliant marketing messages will contain a tinge of humor.  Example: “It’s rocket science meets brain surgery but much easier!”