Make Your Content Marketing Memorable

We love this piece from the Content Marketing Institute about how to make your content marketing more memorable to your audience. How many marketing pieces have you read recently that highlight the thinking of both Roman philosophers and modern academia? Believe it or not, both can provide insight about the importance of memory to successful content marketing. This article namechecks both Simonides and Cicero (for recognizing and recording the mind’s incredible ability to remember things spatially) and author Joshua Foer, whose excellent book Moonwalking with Einstein highlights the fact that our brains don’t remember all types of information equally well and that visual imagery that is colorful and exciting and different is much more likely to be remembered.

Once you realize that one of your most overlooked business problems is likely a memory problem (not an “interest” problem) and you recognize how poorly our minds remember abstract words and numbers, you’ll come to realize how vital it is that we focus on becoming more memorable in our content marketing.

So what does this mean to you? Simply put, generic content will not grab your audience’s attention. Content that is visual and unique is what will make you memorable to your audience. Scott Aughtmon gives five key suggestions on how to do just that by harnessing the power of case studies, repetition, descriptions, imagination, and voice.


5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Memorable  |  Content Marketing Institute