How to Measure Video Marketing Success

There are many ways to do so...

Website development platform debuted its first-ever Super Bowl ad several years back. The resulting #ItsThatEasy video was a fun look at different football players creating websites for their fictitious businesses – Favre & Carve Charcuterie among them. Very clever, though the Denver fans among us might have preferred something a little more along the lines of Manning Estate Planning. Or Peyton Manuscripts. Or The Pey-tisserie. OK, I’ll quit while I’m ahead…or at least not too far behind. was one of four top brands asked which marketing metrics best measure the success of their video marketing efforts. The company focuses its efforts on YouTube and Facebook, but notes that recorded views are not the only Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter – they also look at percent retention, clicks, and engagement metrics like comments and shares, and they’ve created an evaluation model for their video marketing efforts using additional data on top of these social media metrics.

The always quotable Jerome Hiquet of Tough Mudder is highlighted here as well. We wrote about the intense adventure race a few months ago, noting what a powerful tool video has become in recruiting racers. Here, he notes the importance (in addition to total views and completion rates) of Calls to Action (CTAs) to measure the performance of the videos they create.

Whether that CTA is signing up to receive e-newsletters, tagging a friend in a video, registering for a Tough Mudder, or sharing on social, a CTA is a good indicator of how well your video is performing and whether you’re hitting the engagement rates and KPIs you’re aiming for.

It’s clear that there are many different indicators of video marketing success. What are the metrics that best measure the outcomes of your own video marketing efforts? Maybe we can meet at a future Colorado location of The Pey-tisserie to discuss.

Do Video Views Matter? CMO’s Weigh in on the Video Marketing Metrics that Count |  Marketing Land