Smart Corporate Video: Weight Watchers

A deliciously bold and edgy corporate video

Talk about a bold and edgy corporate video! This Weight Watchers commercial titled “All You Can Eat” takes an honest approach at marketing their company, which helps customers manage their weight. In this video advertisement, Weight Watchers acknowledges the many temptations that people face to eat badly with a bit of sarcasm. Not only does it get the point across that people may sometimes indulge a bit too much, but does so in an extremely visually appealing way. There are so many colors and textures being thrown, dropped, and tossed around the screen that your eyes can’t help but follow the food wherever it goes. Given that the narration makes many parallels comparing food to drugs, it’s pretty perfect that the narration was done by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.

This ad is part of Weight Watchers “Help With The Hard Part” campaign, which shares the truth that losing weight is not easy, especially when our lives are surrounded by food. After the video tempts us with images of delicious food, the guilt kicks in for wanting to eat it all, then the video ends with “it’s time to take back control.” Now you may actually believe that with Weight Watchers help, you can do this! You don’t need the fried treats, or sugar-coated goodies, or delectable bites…I think I need to watch the commercial again!

Weight Watchers Launches New “Help With The Hard Part” Campaign…  |  PR Newswire