Top considerations when creating a corporate video.

The end is where to start.

"If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take."

The famous quote from Alice in Wonderland has never been more appropriate than with deciding to producing a corporate video. The end engagement of the video is critical in determining what should go into the production. 

 When we engage a new client their are a few excellent key questions that we will ask…those include:

  • Who is the video for? A customer would have a different production style than one made for an internal training.  
  • What are the buyer personas and demographics?  This is critical in determining the style and delivery of the message.  
  • How can you reach your audience? A video housed on your website should have a different consideration than one that will be primarily promoted through social media channels.
  • Why do you want the video? Is it to introduce your company to other businesses, or show off a new consumer product?  Both will have a different production strategy. 

In short, visualize the end viewer of the corporate video you want to produce and put yourself in their shoes.  Try to have a full understanding of what is important to them, and where they will see your message to make sure you outline your corporate video strategy successfully.