Video and Art circa Thanksgiving

For our pre-Thanksgiving blog, we have a cornucopia of videos for you to enjoy!

In the spirit of the holiday, we found three things that we thought were worth being thankful for.  We’re thankful for cheesy Black Friday ads, Melissa McCarthy, thoughtful artists and their work, and of course, Ironman.  Did we miss anything?  Read on, and let us know.

1. Obligatory Thanksgiving and Black Friday Video

Old Navy keeps going with somewhat quirky and colorful advertising, in their new spot featuring Melissa McCarthy of Bridesmaids  and The Heat.  The new video is running on broadcast and Hulu, and was directed by Roman Coppola (you know, Sofia’s brother?)  We could go for some spiced turkey nachos as well.  If you want, here’s the recipe.

2. Across the pond, British Airways is tracking its flights from billboards with small children running and pointing.  So if you’re in Piccadilly Circus and some whining jet engine nearly deafens you, you can look at the kid on the billboard and he’ll tell you which flight number to be grumpy at. Rumor has it that a Marvel cross-promotional deal is also in the works, where the child will point at the  burning trail that Tony Stark leaves in his Mark 48 suit (or whichever number he’s on by now).

3. And finally, this Thanksgiving, we look again across the pond to a British artist by the name of Adam Dix, whose latest exhibition explores “our associations between communication technology and our absorption with it.”  His exhibit, entitled ‘Yesterday’s Prophets,’ touches on the idea of community, custom, and ritual mediated by these communication instruments.  Something to think about as you check your Twitter feed under the tablecloth during Thanksgiving dinner and shop on your iPad during that contentious Scrabble game your grandmother cheats at.  Read more about the exhibit here.

Happy Turkey Day, America!  Check back in with us next week.  For now, we’re going to go stuff ourselves with hollah bread (yes, it’s a thing) from Victory Rolls Bakery and pretend we forgot about our gym memberships.