We don’t care about your video.

But please give us a chance to explain

"Looks good, but it will get you nowhere."

The thing that makes us cringe at V3 Media is wasting time and money.  Or rather, we hate wasting our clients time and money. We recognize that every marketing dollar has to generate a strong ROI.  So, when we get approached to produce a video, we really don’t care about the video. We care more about why you need the video (and how someone will potentially see it.)

Video should be an integral part of your overall sales and marketing plan.  It can drive leads, it can convert leads, and it can sell more to your current customers.   But it is design and messaging should compliment the marketing dollars you’ve already invested in.   A good video without a highly converting website, could lead to a wasted opportunity. Likewise, a good video without a proper launch plan (or plan to get views to the video,) is like buying a new car and never putting gas into it.   Looks good, but it will get you nowhere.

Why do you need a video?

Just like almost all types of marketing, there is a need that should be driving your decision to produce a video.    For example, “I need a website” could be the answer to “I want a way to showcase my product offerings.” Or, “I want a new logo” could be the answer to “I need to reconnect to potential customers.” So, it’s important to recognize why you need a video so that the proper kind of video can be produced.   

As an example:  If you’re looking to attract more awareness for your company, you should consider a brand commercial that can be used to target your core audience   Or let’s say you’re looking to convert more leads from your website? Then consider a video case study to be used on your website, with trackable elements to tell you how interested a consumer is with your product.  

We’re always available to talk about your options, and give you honest feedback if your project makes sense. Is your website ready for a video? Is your marketing plan ready to sustain a video?  Is their a good plan to get views to the video? We care more about WHAT you are trying to get accomplished instead of how you are making it happen.