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"I'll have what she's having"

Logan Hale – Interactive Videos

I love what I’m seeing in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure videos in entertainment and corporate video. I’ve been waiting for more interactive video to hit the mainstream and it finally has with Netflix’s “Bandersnatch” episode of its popular Black Mirror series. There’s is SO much video content out there that we MUST act differently to capture attention. It also has a UX value-add in that the Viewer gets to be in control of their video journey. And think if the variety of detailed metrics available from how a Viewer interacts with the video content. Imagine you sell mobile phone services and you give the Viewer the chance to focus on (a) data speed (b) monthly costs or (c) free phones available. What they choose will be tagged in your CRM and help you tailor your future digital marketing campaigns more closely to their wants and needs. A couple of great leaders in the space of interactive – also known as “branching” – video are VidYard and HapYak. Check out this example from HP Officejet Printers & HapYak that shows how much detail we can gather about consumer interest through video.

Penny Gill-Stuart – RomComs

I’m a die-hard RomCom fan,  so anything that falls into this film category is usually a hit with me. Baby Mama, 27 Dresses, and of course When Harry met Sally.


Ryan Frazee – Sound in Videos

To me, sound is one of the great ways video stands out from other forms of media. But its an often an overlooked part of the process. Sound holds the power to really place your audience in the moment of the video, as well as deliver the message that you are trying to share!

This video does a great job of showing off how sound really puts you right in the scene. Hearing the bike tires ripping down the trail, the twigs snapping and rocks shaking, your brain really connects you to what visuals your eyes are seeing.

Brendan Howey – RAW 100 from Rupert Walker on Vimeo.


Konan Hauser – Creative Storytelling  

I’ve always been a music fan, and I’m a part of the MTV generation so for me, music was always associated with video.   There was nothing cooler than seeing a creative interpretation of a song as well as hearing it.  Sure, there were many, (many,) bad video’s but there were also uber creative videos that keep me constantly watching MTV in an attempt to see them again.

While I’ve grown up (a little,) I still love seeing a creative interpretation of a song with a great video.  Below is an example from Manchester Orchestra and their song “Simple Math”. Here they visually show the traditional reference of seeing your life flash before your eyes.