You’ve Made a Video! That’s Great, but What’s Next?

So you’ve finally done it. You came up with a great concept, wrote a script, shot your video, edited the final product AND even managed to get it uploaded to YouTube. You are officially using video marketing for your business. Yay you! Pat yourself on the back and give your team a round of high fives, certainly. But your work is not finished. The lifecycle of your video is just beginning.

Video content grows and evolves as long as it is being viewed and shared. Video and marketing teams must be able to monitor and learn from their videos as they travel through the consumer environment.

So what do you do next? You monitor how the video performs and learn from what you discover. All the effort you put into your video marketing campaign will be wasted if you’re not paying attention to the impact it has in the marketplace.

Which parts of the video are viewers responding to (either positively or negatively)? What portion of the video were people most compelled to share? How long do people watch before deciding to move on, and at what point do they stop watching? These are all great questions to measure the success of your video and to inform the direction of any content you create in the future.

Think your video is finished? Think again.  |  Wipster